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2016 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES), IEEE, Trivandrum, India (2016)





asynchronous generators, Capacitors, constant power control, DFIG, Doubly fed induction generators, Electrical energy, fixed speed generators, Fuzzy control, Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy logic controller, grid connected DFIG, Integrated circuit modeling, load flow, machine control, Power control, power flow, PWM generator, PWM power convertors, rotor side converter, rotors, RSC, RSC Control, slip, slip power, slip ring induction generators, squirrel cage generator, stator, Stators, Synchronous generators, variable speed induction generators, wind electric generators, wind electric system, Wind energy, wind power plants, Wind speed, wind speed velocity, wind turbine, Wind turbines


Technological advancements has made production of electrical energy more efficient and minimized the consumption of non-renewable sources of energy. Wind energy has been harvested for more than a decade and has been considered to be one of the cleaner methods of producing electricity. This paper focuses on wind electric system connected to the grid. There are different types of wind electric generators such as fixed speed generators (synchronous generators) and variable speed generators which are squirrel cage and slip ring induction generators. Variable speed induction generators are widely chosen in wind electric system. In variable speed induction generators, doubly fed induction generators are mostly used because its rotor transfers the slip power when there is high wind speed velocity, and voltage is injected if the wind velocity is less. This paper proposes a method for controlling the stator power output of DFIG at speeds below synchronous speed using a novel fuzzy logic controller for Rotor Side Converter(RSC). The fuzzy logic rule base is formulated based on wind turbine speed and it controls the amount of rotor/slip power to be injected at appropriate slip frequency by varying the reference signal of the PWM generator, hence maintains the constant power flow from stator to grid. The fuzzy based RSC controller is designed and implemented in the laboratory.

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R. Mahalakshmi, Viknesh, J., and,, and Dr. Sindhu Thampatty K.C., “Fuzzy Logic based Rotor Side Converter for constant power control of grid connected DFIG”, in 2016 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES), Trivandrum, India, 2016.