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Journal Article


Pattern Recognition, Volume 40, Number 6, p.1840 - 1854 (2007)



Box approach, entropy, Fuzzy setsm, Membership function, Structural parameters


This paper presents the recognition of handwritten Hindi and English numerals by representing them in the form of exponential membership functions which serve as a fuzzy model. The recognition is carried out by modifying the exponential membership functions fitted to the fuzzy sets. These fuzzy sets are derived from features consisting of normalized distances obtained using the Box approach. The membership function is modified by two structural parameters that are estimated by optimizing the entropy subject to the attainment of membership function to unity. The overall recognition rate is found to be 95% for Hindi numerals and 98.4% for English numerals.

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M. Hanmandlu and Dr. Oruganti Venkata Ramana Murthy, “Fuzzy model based recognition of handwritten numerals”, Pattern Recognition, vol. 40, pp. 1840 - 1854, 2007.