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Journal of Proteomics and Bioinformatics, Volume 4, Number 4, p.074-082 (2011)



article, cell adhesion, cell proliferation, controlled study, down regulation, Gene expression profiling, Gene Expression Regulation, gene function, gene interaction, gene overexpression, genetic association, genetic identification, heterozygote, human, human cell, human tissue, immunohistochemistry, microarray analysis, nucleotide sequence, oligonucleotide, oncogene, stomach adenocarcinoma, testican 1 gene, tumor marker, upregulation, villin 1 gene


Gastric cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide, both in men and women. A genomewide gene expression analysis was carried out to identify differentially expressed genes in gastric adenocarcinoma tissues as compared to adjacent normal tissues. We used Agilent's whole human genome oligonucleotide microarray platform representing  41,000 genes to carry gene expression analysis. Two-color microarray analysis was employed to directly compare the expression of genes between tumor and normal tissues. Through this approach, we identified several previously known candidate genes along with a number of novel candidate genes in gastric cancer. Testican-1 (SPOCK1) was one of the novel molecules that was 10-fold upregulated in tumors. Using tissue microarrays, we validated the expression of testican-1 by immunohistochemical staining. It was overexpressed in 56% (160/282) of the cases tested. Pathway analysis led to the identification of several networks in which SPOCK1 was among the topmost networks of interacting genes. By gene enrichment analysis, we identified several genes involved in cell adhesion and cell proliferation to be significantly upregulated while those corresponding to metabolic pathways were significantly downregulated. The differentially expressed genes identified in this study are candidate biomarkers for gastric adenoacarcinoma. © 2011 Marimuthu A, et al.


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Aab Marimuthu, Jacob, H. K. Cab c d, Jakharia, Aem, Subbannayya, Yag, Keerthikumar, Sa, Kashyap, M. Kah, Goel, Rah, Balakrishnan, Lah, Dwivedi, Sai, Pathare, Sj, Dikshit, J. Bj, Maharudraiah, Jak, Singh, Slm, Kumar, G. Sah Sameer, Vijayakumar, Mn, Kumar, K. V. Vn, Premalatha, C. So, Tata, Pj, Hariharan, Rj, Roa, J. Cp, Prasad, T. S. Kab, Chaerkady, Rab c, Rekha, V. Koq, and Pandey, Acd f g, “Gene Expression Profiling of Gastric Cancer”, Journal of Proteomics and Bioinformatics, vol. 4, pp. 074-082, 2011.