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Journal Article


Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 217, Number 12, p.5612-5621 (2011)



Computational mechanics, Finite element method, Gaussian distribution, Gaussian quadratures, integration, Numerical integration, Numerical methods, Parallelogram elements, Quadrature rules, Quadrilateral elements, Triangular elements, Two dimensional


<p>{This paper presents a generalized Gaussian quadrature method for numerical integration over triangular, parallelogram and quadrilateral elements with linear sides. In order to derive the quadrature rule, a general transformation of the regions</p>


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Sarada Jayan and Dr. K.V. Nagaraja, “Generalized Gaussian quadrature rules over two-dimensional regions with linear sides”, Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol. 217, pp. 5612-5621, 2011.