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Journal Article


Asian Journal of Information Technology, Medwell Journals, Volume 15, Number 16, p.2943-2947 (2016)



Binanzation, Gabor-filter, Gmentation, Key-frame, Seam-line carving


Mathematics is a universal language in terms of science and technology. It gives the exact information than any other languages. Hence recognition of mathematical expression is one of the hot areas of research in pattern recognition and machine language. In this study, recognition of handwritten mathematical expression with the corresponding graphical representation is done for a camera-based offline video that contains handwritten mathematical expressions. © Medwell Journals, 2016.

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R. Suganya and Dhanya M. Dhanalakshmy, “Graphical representation of handwritten mathematical expression recognized from offline video lectures”, Asian Journal of Information Technology, vol. 15, pp. 2943-2947, 2016.