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Journal Article


Soils and Foundations, Volume 56, Number 2, p.205 - 212 (2016)



Fly ash; GGBS; Stabilizing agent; Index properties; Unconfined compressive strength; XRD; SEM


The potential of using a binder for stabilization of expansive soils that consists of a mixture of fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) is evaluated in this study. The joint use of these two materials to form a binder provides new opportunities to enhance pozzolanic activities that may reduce the swell potential and increase the unconfined compressive strength of expansive clays. The influence of different percentages of binder on the Atterberg limits, compaction characteristics and unconfined compressive strength of an artificially-mixed soil were examined. The addition of binder was shown to bring about a significant improvement in these soil properties. It was found that the liquid limit and plasticity index of the expansive soil decreased considerably with the addition of binder, while the strength improved. Adding a small amount of lime (one percent) further improved the soil properties by enhancing the pozzolanic reactivity of the binder. Based on the results of the unconfined compressive strength tests, the addition of 20% binder is recommended as optimum content. In addition, the mineralogical and morphological studies of soil specimen stabilized with optimum binder content suggested the formation of hydrated particles and cementitious compounds as a result of the reaction between the clay and the binder. Test results indicate that the use of \{GGBS\} mixed fly ash as binder to stabilize expansive is well suited for sustainable construction besides economic benefits.

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Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma and Sivapullaiah, P. V., “Ground granulated blast furnace slag amended fly ash as an expansive soil stabilizer”, Soils and Foundations, vol. 56, pp. 205 - 212, 2016.