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RSC Adv., The Royal Society of Chemistry, Volume 6, p.62385-62389 (2016)



A water-soluble and biocompatible polymer{,} i.e. biotinylated poly(vinyl alcohol)-grafted graphene oxide (GO){,} was used as a nanocarrier for targeted delivery of anticancer drug camptothecin (CPT). The extent of CPT release in the presence of glutathione (GSH) from GO-biotinPVA-CPT was monitored by the increase in the fluorescence intensity{,} at [small lambda]max = 450 nm. The cell-specific (HeLa) antiproliferative activity of GO-biotinPVA-CPT makes it suitable to be used for targeted delivery of chemotherapeutics to cancerous cells.


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Y. K. Yasoda, Bobba, K. Naidu, Divya Nedungadi, Dutta, D., M. Kumar, S., Kothurkar, N., Mishra, N., and Bhuniya, S., “GSH-responsive biotinylated poly(vinyl alcohol)-grafted GO as a nanocarrier for targeted delivery of camptothecin”, RSC Adv., vol. 6, pp. 62385-62389, 2016.