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Conference Paper


2017 International Conference on Technological Advancements in Power and Energy ( TAP Energy) (2017)


Distributed power generation, Grid integration, Harmonic analysis, harmonic distortion, islanded operation, MATLAB, MATLAB program, Microgrid, Microgrids, Nonlinear load, nonlinear loads, power distribution faults, Power grids, Power harmonic filters, Power quality, Power quality improvement, Power sharing, power supply quality, power system control, Reactive power, shunt active filter, Switches, Tariff, total harmonic distortion, Voltage source inverter


Microgrid is an integration platform for supply-side, storage units and demand resources located in a local distribution grid. A microgrid is typically located at the low voltage level with total installed micro generation capacity below the MW range. A microgrid should be capable of handling both normal state (grid-connected) and emergency state (islanded) operation In this paper the integration of two microgrids with a main grid is discussed along with methods for reduction of various the power quality issues such as harmonics produced by the nonlinear loads using power quality methods. There numerous filtering techniques that are used for the reduction of harmonic issues, which includes IcosΦ, synchronous reference frame, synchronous detection etc. In this paper the integration of main grid with two microgrids were simulated with improved power quality by using modified IcosΦ algorithm. Based on the obtainability of power in each microgrid and the tariffs a MATLAB program was developed based on which the switching of the two microgrids will. It was found that the THD values where reduced and the microgrids were able to switch between each other based on the obtainability of power and the tariff. The results are obtained in MATLAB Simulink and the THD values are measured and power quality issues were found to be reduced. Hardware has been implemented in analog system and results were observed.

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R. Divya, Nandukrishnan, S. M., and Dr. Manjula G. Nair, “Hardware Implementation of Power Sharing and Power Quality Improvement for Grid Integration of Microgrid”, in 2017 International Conference on Technological Advancements in Power and Energy ( TAP Energy), 2017.