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2011 1st International Conference on Electrical Energy Systems, ICEES 2011, Chennai, Tamilnadu, p.92-97 (2011)





Automobiles, Cascaded converters, Cascaded H-bridge converter, Cascaded H-bridge inverters, Cascaded inverters, Cascaded multilevel converter, Cascaded multilevel inverters, Conventional H-bridge inverter, DC sources, DC voltage sources, Electric inverters, Electric vehicles, Harmonic analysis, Industrial applications, Multilevel inverter, Output voltages, Quality control, Simulink, Spectral quality, THD


<p>In Multilevel Inverters, Cascaded H bridge converters are considered to be the most preferred form of converters. But in these converters as the number of staircase levels in output voltage increases the dc source requirement also increases, thereby limiting its application. This paper tries to address the above mentioned problem by developing a Modified version of Cascaded Multilevel Converters which require reduced number of dc voltage source for increased levels in output voltage as compared to conventional cascaded converters. The spectral quality analysis of output voltage obtained for different loads is also shown signifying the merits of modified converters. Due to these advantages the drawback in the implementation of conventional cascaded converters in electric vehicles or in industrial applications is overcome by modified cascaded inverters. In this paper, the developed Modified Cascaded Converters are simulated in MATLAB/ SIMULINK and the THD of different output voltage levels are compared for different loads. © 2011 IEEE.</p>


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Dr. K. Deepa, Savitha, P., and Vinodhini, B., “Harmonic analysis of a modified cascaded multilevel inverter”, in 2011 1st International Conference on Electrical Energy Systems, ICEES 2011, Chennai, Tamilnadu, 2011, pp. 92-97.