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Journal Article


CoRR, Volume abs/1512.06498 (2015)



In this study, the influence of objects is investigated in the scenario of human action recognition with large number of classes. We hypothesize that the objects the humans are interacting will have good say in determining the action being performed. Especially, if the objects are non-moving, such as objects appearing in the background, features such as spatio-temporal interest points, dense trajectories may fail to detect them. Hence we propose to detect objects using pre-trained object detectors in every frame statically. Trained Deep network models are used as object detectors. Information from different layers in conjunction with different encoding techniques is extensively studied to obtain the richest feature vectors. This technique is observed to yield state-of-the-art performance on HMDB51 and UCF101 datasets.

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Dr. Oruganti Venkata Ramana Murthy and Goecke, R., “Harnessing the Deep Net Object Models for Enhancing Human Action Recognition”, CoRR, vol. abs/1512.06498, 2015.