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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, Asian Research Publishing Network, Volume 88, Number 3, p.511-516 (2016)



Health care sectors are continuously exploring new and innovative way to improve operational efficiencies. This research study investigate a way to find potential efficiency gains in healthcare sectors by observing how they are carried out in the past and then investigating better ways of implementing them by considering the factors like time, cost and resource utilization. To achieve competitive advantage, healthcare centers try and contour their processes. Process mining can be enforced to extract data from recorded event. The aim of the system is to propose effective process models by applying dataset for each model which indeed identifies the deviation from the actual process with help the of analytical tool ProM. In this paper several blood tests are considered as the baseline scenario wherein effective process models are generated and checked for the efficiency using alpha-fitness algorithm. One of the major parts involved in process improvement is process modeling which can be optimized and analyzed.


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K. Ganesha, Nagaraj, R., and Nayana, M. D., “Health care analysis for process deviation using alpha-fitness algorithm in process mining”, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, vol. 88, pp. 511-516, 2016.