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Conference Proceedings


IConAMMA – 2018, IOP Publishing, Volume 577, ASE, Bangalore, p.012028 (2018)



In this paper we will investigate about the thermal effectiveness of a solar air heater which consists of trapezoidal type vortex generators by experimentation and validating with numerical simulation. The trapezoidal type vortex generator is placed inside the duct having a test section of 400*300*30mm. Trapezoidal vortex generators are placed in 3 different arrangements inside the duct, and having an array of 5 winglets in each row. The vortex generator is categorized as a winglet and the height of the winglet is half the height of the air duct. The analysis of trapezoidal winglet is done for wide range of Reynolds Number ranging from 3500 to 25000. Thermal performance factor is calculated by Webb’s correlation factor equation for roughness of surface, which considers Nussult Number and friction Factor as a parameter for thermal effectiveness. Numerical simulation was carried out using Ansys Fluent Software. Comparison of experimental and numerical results was done. Experimental and Numerical results showed that an increase in heat transfer rate of upto 65% was obtained when compared to smooth channel duct.

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A. R. Akash Nawin, George, A. P., Sanjeev, J. R. V., and Kotebavi, V., “Heat Transfer Augmentation in Solar Air Heater using Trapezoidal Winglets”, IConAMMA – 2018, vol. 577. IOP Publishing, ASE, Bangalore, p. 012028, 2018.