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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Volume 25, Number 3, p.483-490 (2008)



Computer networks, Heat exchangers, Heat transfer coefficient, Heating equipment, Lockhart Martinelli parameter, Plate heat exchanger, Reynolds number, Rhenium, Solar water heaters, Thermoanalysis, Two - phase flow, Two-phase systems, Vegetable oils, Water


Experimental studies were conducted in a spiral plate heat exchanger with hot water as the service fluid and the two-phase system of water - palm oil in different mass fractions and flow rates as the cold process fluid. The two phase heat transfer coefficients were correlated with Reynolds numbers (Re) in the form h = a Re m, adopting an approach available in literature for two phase fluid flow. The heat transfer coefficients were also related to the mass fraction of palm oil for identical Reynolds numbers. The two-phase multiplier (ratio of the heat transfer coefficient of the two phase fluid and that of the single phase fluid) was correlated with the Lockhart Martinelli parameter in a polynomial form. This enables prediction of the two-phase coefficients using single-phase data. The predicted coefficients showed a spread of ± 10 % in the laminar range.


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Sa Ramachandran, Kalaichelvi, Pb, and Sundaram, Sc, “Heat transfer studies in a spiral plate heat exchanger for water - palm oil two phase system”, Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, vol. 25, pp. 483-490, 2008.