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Conference Proceedings


Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier, Volume 4, p.4358-4365 (2017)


Natural dye extracted from Hemigraphis colorata (Red flame) is used as photosensitizer in dye sensitized solar cells along with TiO2 nano particles and its characteristics are studied. The dye is extracted with minimal chemical procedure and is used without further purification. UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy and micro-Raman spectroscopic studies indicate the presence of anthocyanin and beta-carotene in the extracted dye sample. Photovoltaic property of hemigraphis colorata is studied and an energy conversion efficiency of 0.0065% was obtained. The high concentration of anthocyanin in the extracted dye sample is responsible for the photovoltaic property of hemigraphis colorata.

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V. G. Nandakumar, Suresh, S., Dr. Sreekala C. O., Sudheer, S. K., and Pillai, V. P. Mahadevan, “Hemigraphis Colorata As A Natural Dye For Solar Energy Conversion”, Materials Today: Proceedings, vol. 4. Elsevier, pp. 4358-4365, 2017.