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Volume US6030728 A, Number US 08/915,134 (2000)



A primary lithium battery particularly adapted for use in self-contained self-powered devices (SSPD) for mobile communication and computing products, such as radio frequency identification tags, PCMCIA cards, and smart cards. The battery utilizes a solid polymer electrolyte membrane that preferably has a polyacrylonitrile matrix. Performance of the electrolyte membrane is optimized by controlling the amount of aprotic organic solvents within the membrane within a prescribed range of ratios. The battery cathode is encapsulated within a polymeric matrix that eliminates the exposure hazard posed by lithium intercalation compounds used within the cathode. Use of stainless steel foil current collectors gives a high open circuit voltage of 3.8 volts and high cell capacity. A method of determining the optimum cathode thickness in the battery is also described. This provides a means of maximizing volumetric and gravimetric energy densities by using the optimum amount of cathode material. Batteries fabricated by using optimal materials can be operated under pulsed and dc discharge conditions over a temperature range between about -40 and +80° C.

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J. M. Cotte and Dr. Madhav Datta, “High performance lithium polymer electrolyte battery”, U.S. Patent US 08/915,1342000.