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Number US 07/797,575 (1993)



An electrical interconnection, which includes a method for fabricating the device, is disclosed. The interconnection comprises two contact surfaces, on at least one of which is disposed at least one solid metal conical projection in predetermined dimension and location. Rather than necessarily being permanently cojoined, the contact surfaces are attachable and detachable when desired. The conical projections on one contact surface make ohmic contact, either by wiping with an intermeshing like structure on a second contact surface or by contacting a second contact surface which is a substantially flat contact pad. An interconnection, in this invention, is the combination of at least one contact having individual conical projections and another contact, optionally having individual conical projections. The conical projections are formed in metal by electrochemical machining in neutral salt solution, optionally in a continuous foil. The conical projections are also optionally formed on the head of a contact pin.

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Dr. Madhav Datta, King, D. E., Knight, A. D., and Sambucetti, C. J., “High performance metal cone contact”, U.S. Patent US 07/797,5751993.