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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Chemistry, NISCAIR-CSIR, Volume 40, India, p.986–988 (2001)



The reactions of MeC6H4-SO2-SPh with organocobaloximes, RCo(dmgH)2Py, (R= alkyl, benzyl, butenyl and allyl) under visible light photolysis show that the alkyl, butenyl and benzyl cobaloximes form the corresponding sulphides whereas the allyl cobaloximes form the organic sulphones.

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Dr. Yamuna R., V. Kanth, V., Singh, V., Gupta, B. D., Oberoi, M., and Mandal, D., “Homolytic displacements at carbon in organocobaloximes: Reactions of organocobaloximes with free radical precursor with two radical centres”, Indian Journal of Chemistry, vol. 40, pp. 986–988, 2001.