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Journal Article


International Journal of ChemTech Research, Volume 6, Number 2, p.1325–1334 (2014)



Understanding the behavior of weldments at elevated temperatures and especially their corrosion behavior has become an object of scientific investigation recently. This paper reports on the high temperature corrosion behavior of weldment of SA-387 Gr 22 and SA-387Gr11 dissimilar metals in air and molten salt environment of (Na2SO4-48% NaCl) at 650 °C and 800 °C under cyclic condition. The influence of molten salt on hot corrosion and oxidation has been discussed. The corrosion kinetics of specimens with and without
molten salt deposits indicated a parabolic growth of oxides. The resulting oxide scale in the weldment has been characterized systematically using surface analytical technique and the possible mechanisms of corrosion compounds are discussed.

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A. A Naidu, Babu, S. P. Kumaresh, Manikandan, M., Arivarasu, M., R Devendranath, R., and Arivazhagan, N., “Hot corrosion studies on welded dissimilar boiler steel in power plant environment under cyclic condition”, International Journal of ChemTech Research, vol. 6, pp. 1325–1334, 2014.