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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, Volume 10, Issue 8, p.277-282 (2019)



Much of the literatures were heavily focusing on the importance of human resource management among large enterprises. As we are in the era of knowledge economy, it is important that knowledge forms the pillar for the development of an enterprise. It is imperative for both entrepreneurs and workers. Also, it is necessary for creating a healthy environment to absorb such knowledge practices among entrepreneurs as well as workers. Thus the present study focuses on micro, small and medium enterprises which share a major portion of Industrial sector in emerging economy. Providing favorable working atmosphere for workers especially with reference to healthy and safe atmosphere, is given least importance by the owners of SMEs and the study claims to fill the gap on the same The study is also useful to managers, policymakers, as well as academicians as it stresses on the necessity of human capital investment among MSMEs.

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Vidhya Vinayachandran and Ambily A. S., “Human Capital and their Working Environment: A Study with Special Reference to Health and Safety of Manufacturing MSMEs in Emerging Economy”, Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, vol. 10, no. 8, pp. 277-282, 2019.