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Journal Article


English Language and Literature, Volume 5, Issue 2, p.456-465 (2017)



Humanizing, Mythology, Reconstruction


This research paper makes an attempt to discover how Shiva as a man distinguishes from Lord Shiva and the extent to which the author succeeds in presenting Shiva Trilogy as a spiritual guide to modern generation. Amish chooses the most multi-faceted god from Hindu Mythology to weave his tale about. He presents Shiva as a moral being asking, “What if Lord Shiva was not a figment of rich imagination but a person of flesh and blood?”. Amish amends Shiva Purana by redefining Lord Shiva as a man of flesh and blood who later transforms to godly stature because of his karma. Human centred approach revolves throughout the novel which empower the author to present Shiva Trilogy as a spiritual guide to upcoming generation as it equip them to discover Mahadev with in them to absorb evil and perspire goodness.

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S. M. Chandran and Nair, A. S., “Humanising the Divine: A Select Study of Amish Tripathi’s Immortals of Meluha”, English Language and Literature, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 456-465, 2017.