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Power and Energy Systems Conference: Towards Sustainable Energy, 2014, IEEE (2014)



Global warming and the shortage of fossil fuels increase the usage of renewable energy resources to satisfy the future energy demand of our depleting planet. This paper presents an innovative Switching logic for hybrid Distributed Energy Generators (DEG) by using a Single Input Buck-Boost (SIBB) converter and DSP controller based on their availability. With this proposed logic maximum amount of energy is extracted from the renewable energy resources depend on their availability. The combination of suggested switching logic and circuit configuration allows the two renewable energy resources, to supply the load individually or simultaneously based on the availability. The fast operation and reliability of DSP controller is utilized to increase the efficiency of the proposed system at the most. At any given instant to achieve extreme system efficiency three different modes of operations are projected. To analyze the real time feasibility of this logic the system is simulated by using MATLAB/Simulink 2010a; and the obtained results are studied and presented in the past. In laboratory a hardware model of the system is developed along with integrating the switching logic proposed for the learning of system in contradiction of the real world conditions. The results attained are discussed and presented in this paper.


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T. P. Marshal and Dr. K. Deepa, “Hybrid renewable energy system: Optimum design, control and maximum utilization with SIBB converter using DSP controller”, in Power and Energy Systems Conference: Towards Sustainable Energy, 2014, 2014.