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International Journal of Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd., Volume 5, Number 4, p.288-301 (2015)



Analytical expressions, Brinkman equation, Heterogeneous, Heterogeneous porous medium, Magnetic fields, Magnetohydrodynamics, Matching condition, Perturbation method, Perturbation techniques, Porous materials, Porous medium, Rotating disks, Viscous flow, Viscous incompressible fluids


<p>This research is concerned with the forced flow of an electrically conducting viscous incompressible fluid in heterogeneous porous medium due to the rotation of disk. Whole analysis is carried out in the presence of normal magnetic field. It is assumed that the flow in the porous medium is governed by the Brinkman equation. Invoking suitable transformations, the flow governing partial differential equations are non-dimensionalised and are solved using the perturbation method. At the interface (porous-porous medium), a modified set of matching condition suggested by Ochoa-Tapia and Whitaker is applied. Analytical expressions for the velocities, moment at the disk and shearing stress are computed and the effects of various parameters upon them are examined. © 2015 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.</p>


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Dr. Neetu Srivastava, “Hydromagnetic forced flow of a viscous fluid through a heterogeneous porous medium induced by an impervious rotating disk”, International Journal of Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations, vol. 5, pp. 288-301, 2015.