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Journal of Association of Physicians of India, Volume 60, Number 6, p.52-54 (2012)



acute kidney failure, Acute Kidney Injury, article, Blood, case report, glucocorticoid, Glucocorticoids, human, Humans, hypercalcemia, hyperphosphatemia, kidney calcification, male, middle aged, Nephrocalcinosis, parathyroid hormone, prednisolone, sarcoidosis, splenomegaly


We report a case of nephrocalcinosis with renal failure which on evaluation was found to have hypercalcemia. Further investigations showed an inappropriately normal intact parathormone (iPTH) and 1,25 dihydroxy -vitamin D level in the setting of renal failure. Probing for a cause of non- PTH mediated hypercalcemia led to the diagnosis of sarcoidosis. Treatment with glucocorticoids could partially reverse the renal failure and control the hypercalcemia. This case illustrates the importance of careful interpretation of laboratory parameters especially levels of iPTH and Vitamin D metabolites in renal failure. © JAPI.


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N. Bhavani, Praveen, V. P., Jayakumar, R. V., Nair, V., Muraleedharan, M., Kumar, H., Unnikrishnan, A. G., and Menon, V. U., “Hypercalcemia with renal failure”, Journal of Association of Physicians of India, vol. 60, pp. 52-54, 2012.