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Conference Paper


2016 International Conference on Energy Efficient Technologies for Sustainability (ICEETS) (2016)



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Active filters, Active Power Injection, DC-DC Boost Converter, Distributed power generation, Electric current control, Harmonic analysis, Harmonic elimination, Hysteresis, Hysteresis controller, hysteresis current controller, inverter control technique, Inverters, invertors, microgrid AC bus, microgrid application, MPPT Algorithm, nonconventional energy sources, photovoltaic system, Photovoltaic systems, Power grids, Power harmonic filters, Power quality improvement, power shortage, power supply quality, PV panel, renewable energy sources, Solar cell arrays, Synchronous Reference Frame, utility grid connection


Researches related to non-conventional energy sources have grown significantly in the present scenario. The electrical energy from the PV panel is considered as one of the most useful natural resources. This paper deals with the operation and control of a grid connected PV system with a nonlinear load. A utility grid connection is provided in order to replenish energy levels in case of power shortage from the renewable energy sources. Hysteresis Current Controller is employed for the inverter control. The proposed inverter control technique interfaces renewable energy sources and the AC bus of micro grid. It offers the possibility to inject power from the renewable sources and also improves the power quality in the same micro grid. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed inverter control technique in improving the power quality of the system.

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V. Prasad, Jayasree P. R., and Sruthy V., “Hysteresis Current Controller for a micro-grid application”, in 2016 International Conference on Energy Efficient Technologies for Sustainability (ICEETS), 2016.