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Conference Paper


Advances in Robotics, ACM (2013)





Kinematic identification of a serial robot has been an active field of research as the need for improving the accuracy of a robot is increasing with time. Denavit-Hartenberg (DH) parameters of a serial robot, which are typically used to represent its architecture, are usually provided by its manufacturer. At times these parameters are not the same and hence they need to be identified. An analytical method proposed elsewhere was used here for identification of an industrial robot by noting the values of the point on the end-effector due to rotation of each joint, locking all other joints, were found out using singular value decomposition. The DH parameters of the robot determined using the proposed methodology, matched satisfactorily with the robot specifications. Also, the bounding volume for the joint ranges infers that a smaller measurement volume relative to the robot workspace is required thus facilitating the use of measurement devices which have smaller range of measurement.

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A. A. Hayat, Rajeevlochana G. Chittawadigi, and Saha, S. K., “Identification of Denavit-Hartenberg Parameters of an Industrial Robot”, in Advances in Robotics, 2013.