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Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, Springer, Volume 6855 LNCS, Number PART 2, p.380-388 (2011)


In this paper single image superresolution problem using sparse data representation is described. Image super-resolution is ill -posed inverse problem. Several methods have been proposed in the literature starting from simple interpolation techniques to learning based approach and under various regularization frame work. Recently many researchers have shown interest to super-resolve the image using sparse image representation. We slightly modified the procedure described by a similar work proposed recently. The modification suggested in the proposed approach is the method of dictionary training, feature extraction from the trained data base images and regularization. We have used singular values as prior for regularizing the ill-posed nature of the single image superresolution problem. Method of Optimal Directions algorithm (MOD) has been used in the proposed algorithm for obtaining high resolution and low resolution dictionaries from training image patches. Using the two dictionaries the given low resolution input image is super-resolved. The results of the proposed algorithm showed improvements in visual, PSNR, RMSE and SSIM metrics over other similar methods.


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S. Ravishankar, Reddy, C. Nagadastag, Dr. Shikha Tripathi, and Murthy, K. V. V., “Image super resolution using sparse image and singular values as priors”, in Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, 2011, vol. 6855 LNCS, pp. 380-388.