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Journal Article


Phytochemistry, Elsevier, Volume 52, Number 6, p.1089–1093 (1999)



Acidic arabinogalactan, Immunological activity, Isolation, Menispermaceae, Structure, Tinospora cordifolia


An arabinogalactan of mean Mr 2.2×106 has been isolated from the dried stems of Tinospora cordifolia and examined by methylation analysis, partial hydrolysis and carboxyl reduction. Purified polysaccharide showed polyclonal mitogenic activity against B-cells, their proliferation did not require macrophages.

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G. Chintalwar, Jain, A., Sipahimalani, A., Banerji, A., Sumariwalla, P., Ramakrishnan, R., and Sainis, K., “An immunologically active arabinogalactan from Tinospora cordifolia”, Phytochemistry, vol. 52, pp. 1089–1093, 1999.