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Conference Paper


Advance Computing Conference (IACC), 2015 IEEE International (2015)



Algorithm design and analysis, Antenna arrays, Channel estimation, channel estimation error variance, Channel estimation errors, Channel Norm, Complexity theory, Detectors, Lattice reduction, lattice reduction gain, Lattices, LR algorithm, MIMO, MIMO communication, MIMO system, MIMO systems, Standards, wireless channels


In this paper, we propose an approach based on Lattice Reduction (LR) algorithm which preserves the channel norm in the presence of estimation errors. We analyze the channel norm of perfect and imperfect channel by employing LR algorithm on both perfect and imperfect channels in MIMO systems with 2, 4, 8 and 16 antennas for various error variances. We conclude that effective detection can be achieved even with imperfect channel by employing LR on those channels.

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T. C. Snehith, Anil, K. K., Raju, A. K., and Dr. Ramanathan R., “Impact of channel estimation errors on lattice reduction gains in MIMO systems”, in Advance Computing Conference (IACC), 2015 IEEE International, 2015.