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Journal Article


The European Physical Journal C, Volume 77, p.427 (2017)



Momentum anisotropy present during the hydrodynamic evolution of the Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) in RHIC may lead to the chromo-Weibel instability and turbulent chromo-fields. The dynamics of the quark and gluon momentum distributions in this case is governed by an effective diffusive Vlasov equation (linearized). The solution of this linearized transport equation for the modified momentum distribution functions lead to the mathematical form of non-equilibrium momentum distribution functions of quarks/antiquarks and gluons. The modifications to these distributions encode the physics of turbulent color fields and momentum anisotropy. In the present manuscript, we employ these distribution functions to estimate the thermal dilepton production rate in the QGP medium. The production rate is seen to have appreciable sensitivity to the strength of the anisotropy.

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V. Chandra and V. Sreekanth, “Impact of momentum anisotropy and turbulent chromo-fields on thermal particle production in quark-gluon-plasma medium”, The European Physical Journal C, vol. 77, p. 427, 2017.