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IET Science, Measurement and Technology, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Volume 11, Number 2, p.179-185 (2017)



Breakdown strengths, Dielectric Properties, Dielectric properties of solids, Electric breakdown, Electric fields, Filled polymers, Fillers, High permittivity, Interparticle distances, Loss tangent, Nano-fillers, Nanocomposites, Permittivity, Polymer nanocomposite, Polymeric insulators, Polymers


<p>Electrical properties of polymeric insulators can be improved by adding high-permittivity nanofillers. In this work, the aim is to analyse the effect of filler permittivity, its size, shape, concentration and the interparticle distance on the electrical properties of the nanocomposites. Nanocomposites are fabricated with four types of fillers and with various concentrations and the effect of various filler parameters on permittivity, breakdown strength and loss tangent of the nanocomposites are analysed. Simulation of electric field is used to demonstrate the increase in the volume of enhanced electric field region which affects the short-time breakdown strength. The effect of filler parameters on the electrical properties of the composite is demonstrated through experimental and theoretical analysis. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology.</p>


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Dr. Kavitha D., Sindhu, T. K., and Nambiar, T. N. P., “Impact of permittivity and concentration of filler nanoparticles on dielectric properties of polymer nanocomposites”, IET Science, Measurement and Technology, vol. 11, pp. 179-185, 2017.