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Colloids and Surfaces A-physicochemical and Engineering Aspects - COLLOID SURFACE A, Volume 369, p.65-74 (2010)



Wettability gradient surfaces play a significant role in control and manipulation of liquid drops. The present work deals with the analysis of water drops impacting onto the junction line between hydrophobic texture and hydrophilic smooth portions of a dual-textured substrate made using stainless steel material. The hydrophobic textured portion of the substrate comprised of unidirectional parallel groove-like and pillar-like structures of uniform dimensions. A high-speed video camera recorded the spreading and receding dynamics of impacting drops. The drop impact dynamics during the early inertia driven impact regime remains unaffected by the dual-texture feature of the substrate. A larger retraction speed of drop liquid observed on the hydrophobic portion of the substrate during the impact of low velocity drops makes the drop liquid on the higher wettability portion to advance further (secondary drop spreading). The net horizontal drop velocity towards the hydrophilic portion of the dual-textured substrate decreases with increasing drop impact velocity. The available experimental results suggest that the movement of bulk drop liquid away from the impact point during drop impact on the dual-textured substrate is larger for the impact of low inertia drops

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V. Vaikuntanathan, Dr. R. Kannan, and Deivandren, S., “Impact of Water Drops onto the Interface of a Hydrophobic Texture and a Hydrophilic Smooth Surfaces”, Colloids and Surfaces A-physicochemical and Engineering Aspects - COLLOID SURFACE A, vol. 369, pp. 65-74, 2010.