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Conference Paper


India International Conference on Power Electronics, IICPE, Delhi (2012)





Comparative studies, Continuous mode, DC-DC converters, Flyback, Flyback converters, High power output, Low drop outs, Multi-output, Multi-output converters, Power electronics, Pulse width modulation, Space applications, Step down


<p>A comparative study of two different types of post regulators is carried out in this paper. First one is low drop out post regulator (LDO) and second one is DC-DC step down LTM 4601 HV post regulator. These post regulators regulate the auxiliary high power output of the multi-output flyback dc-dc converter, designed for providing supply for the telemetry tracking transmitter subsystem of the satellite. The requirements for space applications are taken into consideration while designing. © 2012 IEEE.</p>


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T. Deepti, Dr. K. Deepa, and Chandran, S., “Implementation and comparison of a new MOC with post regulators”, in India International Conference on Power Electronics, IICPE, Delhi, 2012.