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Conference Paper


India International Conference on Power Electronics, IICPE, Delhi (2012)





Conduction loss, Dc servomotors, High switching frequencies, Its efficiencies, Power electronics, Prototype models, push-pull, Push-pull converters, Robotic applications, Single input single output, Speed control, Switching frequency, Switching stress, Zero voltage switching


<p>A single-output zero voltage switching push-pull converter with low switching and conduction losses for robotic applications is presented in this paper. The proposed converter is designed for output of 5 V/ 1 A with a switching frequency of 50 kHz to drive a DC servo motor used in robots. The proposed converter is compact since high switching frequency of operation is chosen. Resonant technique added to the converter reduces the switching stress, losses and thereby increases its efficiency. A prototype model of this converter is developed and the hardware is implemented. The results obtained from the experimental setup are analyzed in detail. The results reveal the superiority of the proposed method. © 2012 IEEE.</p>


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Dr. K. Deepa, Sharika, M., and M Kumar, V., “Implementation of a SISO-ZVS push-pull converter fed DC servo motor”, in India International Conference on Power Electronics, IICPE, Delhi, 2012.