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Journal Article


International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, Volume 16, Number 9, p.7939-7950 (2016)


Wireless transfer of electric power is being adopted as a viable method of charging portable devices as it makes them safer, raises their mobility and reliability and reduces the cost. Though efficient transmitter driver circuits and optimized coil designs have been developed by researchers in recent years, power conditioning at the receiver side haven’t got much attention. To reduce the number of components and the associated losses, the traditional two stage power conditioning should be replaced by an efficient and more compact single stage converter. This paper proposes an efficient wireless charging system based on resonant magnetic coupling that contains single stage boost rectifier at receiver. Single stage rectification and boosting is made possible by the bidirectional conduction ability of MOSFETs. The system is simulated in PSIM software, where overall power transfer efficiency is analyzed for different coupling factors, and different loads. The prototype of the entire system was developed in the laboratory by integrating coils and converters. The two fundamental concepts of power transmission, energy efficiency and transmission distance capabilities are analyzed and the results were found to be quite promising for practical use of this system

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R. George, M, S., and Dr. K. Deepa, “Implementation Of Wireless Charging System Using Single Stage Power Conditioning Circuit At Receiver”, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, vol. 16, pp. 7939-7950, 2016.