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Journal Article


Scientific research, Volume 4, Number 1, p.117-119 (2012)



In Wireless Sensors Networks, the computational power and storage capacity is limited. Wireless Sensor Networks are operated in low power batteries, mostly not rechargeable. The amount of data processed is incremental in nature, due to deployment of various applications in Wireless Sensor Networks, thereby leading to high power consumption in the network. For effectively processing the data and reducing the power consumption the discrimination of noisy, redundant and outlier data has to be performed. In this paper we focus on data discrimination done at node and cluster level employing Data Mining Techniques. We propose an algorithm to collect data values both at node and cluster level and finding the principal component using PCA techniques and removing outliers resulting in error free data. Finally a comparison is made with the Statistical and Bucket-width outlier detection algorithm where the efficiency is improved to an extent.

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B. .A.Sabarish and Shanmuga Priya S., “Improved Data Discrimination in Wireless Sensor Networks”, Scientific research, vol. 4, pp. 117-119, 2012.