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Journal Article


Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Springer US, Volume 31, Number 1, p.73-79 (2008)



Fourth order PDEs, Hybrid filter, Molecular images, Relaxed median filter


In this paper an improved hybrid method for removing noise from low SNR molecular images is introduced. The method provides an improvement over the one suggested by Jian Ling and Alan C. Bovik (IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging, 21(4), [2002]). The proposed model consists of two stages. The first stage consists of a fourth order PDE and the second stage is a relaxed median filter, which processes the output of fourth order PDE. The model enjoys the benefit of both nonlinear fourth order PDE and relaxed median filter. Apart from the method suggested by Ling and Bovik, the proposed method will not introduce any staircase effect and preserves fine details, sharp corners, curved structures and thin lines. Experiments were done on molecular images (fluorescence microscopic images) and standard test images and the results shows that the proposed model performs better even at higher levels of noise.

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J. Rajan, Kannan, K., and Kaimal, M. R., “An Improved Hybrid Model for Molecular Image Denoising”, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, vol. 31, pp. 73-79, 2008.