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Journal Article


Materials Today: Proceedings, Volume 42, p.921-925 (2021)



Abrasion test, Carbon black, natural rubber, Soya bean oil, Xanthate


Rubber is one of the most commonly employed materials in the whole world. Earlier rubber obtained from natural resources was widely used. However, as industries grew tremendously, many new products were introduced to the world and rubber can be used for almost all the practical applications including as windshield wiper blade in automobiles. Most of the windshield wiper blade are made of synthetic rubber. Our research is focused to replace the synthetic compounds in wiper blade with natural materials which will be durable and eco-friendly. Natural rubber, treated with Carbon black (N220) as fillers and Silica in the presence of vulcanizing agents and other organic additives, works much more efficiently. Sulphur was replaced with Xanthate and soybean oil was used instead of petroleum products during vulcanization. The mechanical properties were investigated by various composition of Carbon black (N220) and silica. The tension test, abrasion test, and wear test were studied for different five compositions.

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K. Sivaselvi, Varma, V. S., Harikumar, A., Jayaprakash, A., Sankar, S., C. Krishna, Y., and Dr. Gopal K., “Improving the mechanical properties of natural rubber composite with carbon black (N220) as filler”, Materials Today: Proceedings, vol. 42, pp. 921-925, 2021.