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Journal Article


Applied Mechanics and Materials, Trans Tech Publ, Volume 592–594, p.879–882 (2014)



GTAW, Hardness, Mild steel, Silicon Carbide (SiC), Surface Modification


An attempt has been made to improve the surface hardness property of mild steel by developing a composite layer on the surface of mild steel using gas tungsten arc as heat source. Silicon Carbide was placed on the surface using a binder and heat was applied using gas tungsten arc. Variation of Silicon content with the weld current parameters was studied. The variation of microhardness with Silicon content on the surface was studied. Optimum parameter for attaining maximum surface hardness property using GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) has been found.

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H. G Reddy, Dr. Sanjivi Arul, and Sellamuthu, R., “Improving Surface Hardness of Mild Steel Plates by Addition of Silicon Carbide Using Gas Tungsten Arc as Heat Source”, Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 592–594, pp. 879–882, 2014.