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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Springer Verlag, Volume 309 LNEE, Zhangjiajie, p.295-303 (2014)





Authentication, Biometric entropies, Biometric techniques, Biometrics, Classification models, Cloud technologies, Clouds, Communication, Digital storage, Dynamics, Electric network topology, Geographic location, Information technology, Keystroke dynamics, Mathematical models, Three-dimensional model, Transmission of data


<p>The etymology of communication is the transmission of data. Data has to be transmitted through different devices, network topologies and geographic locations. The strength of communication has tripled with the advent of cloud technologies providing high scalability and storage on demand. The need for cloud security is increasing in an alarming rate and using biometric techniques over traditional password based alternative has proved to be efficient. A behavioral biometric such as keystroke dynamics can be used to strengthen existing security techniques effectively.Due to the semi-autonomous nature of the typing behavior of an individual it is difficult to validate the identity of the user. This paper proposes a model to validate the identity of the user which acclimatizes to tolerance across multiple devices and provides a robust three dimensional model for classification. As an additional layer of security the model is transformed after every login to prevent professional intruders from predicting the acceptance region. © 2014 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.</p>


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Dr. Senthil Kumar T., Suresh, A., and Karumathil, A., “Improvised classification model for cloud based authentication using keystroke dynamics”, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol. 309 LNEE, pp. 295-303, 2014.