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Journal Article


Shyam Nath


Economic Affairs (September Issue), New Delhi Publishers (1974)



Doring the period of rising prioeB, income tax paJers are put to a higher tax burden owing to interaction of loBation and a progressive tax schedule. On 'he one hand, the increase in income (money or real) puahee a portion of the income into the higher income brackets aubjeo$ to higher marginal tax ra'-, on the other, the rise in price leads to eroaion in purchasing power. If the price level is relatively atable, increase in money income and subeequent increase in tax liability may be juetified on the groUDd of increased ability to pay. But during the rleiog prioea, the riBe in tax burden may or may not be in oonformi$y with 'be rille in real inoome creating $hereby p088ibi·litlee of injllBtioe in taxauon.

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Shyam Nath, “Indexing income tax for inflation”, Economic Affairs (September Issue), 1974.