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Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, Volume 8, Number 2, p.196-200 (2009)



Plant species used in the treatment of skin diseases among the indigenous communities of Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu was conducted between 2003-2004. Thirty plant species belonging to 29 genera and 22 families were found to be used specifically in the treatment of various 11 skin diseases viz., dandruff, eczema, impetigo, leprosy, parasite, psoriasis, rash, scabies, swellings, tinea cruris and tinea versicularis. The communities use 9 plant species invariably for the treatment of all kinds of skin diseases while 4 species are exclusively used to treat leprosy. Saraca asoca plant becomes vulnerable since it is frequently used for the treatment of scabies.


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Ca Kingston, Jeeva, Sb, Jeeva, G. Ma, Kiruba, Sc, Mishra, B. Pb, and Kannan, Dd, “Indigenous knowledge of using medicinal plants in treating skin diseases in Kanyakumari district, Southern India”, Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, vol. 8, pp. 196-200, 2009.