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p.85-104 (2020)




Biodiesel is proven to be the best substitute for petroleum-based conventional diesel fuel in existing engines with or without minor engine modifications. The performance characteristics of biodiesel as a fuel in CI engine are slightly lower than that of diesel fuel. The emission characteristics of biodiesel are better than diesel fuel except NOX emission. The thermo-physical properties of biodiesel are improved by suspending the nano metal particles in the biodiesel, which make them an observable choice for the use of nanoparticles-added fuels in CI engine. High surface area of nanoparticles that promotes higher operating pressure and heat transfer rates that further quicken the combustion process by providing better oxidation. Thus, it has been inferred that addition of nanoparticles as an additive to biodiesel fuel blends in diesel engines and its effects on performance, combustion, and emission characteristics are discussed in this chapter.

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A. Tamilvanan, Kulendran, B., T. Mohanraj, P., S., Ashok, B., and Rajamohan, S., “Influence of Nano-Particle Additives on Bio-Diesel-Fuelled CI Engines: A Review”, 2020, pp. 85-104.