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Journal Article


Applied Mechanics and Materials , Volume 813, p.438-445 (2015)


A key factor in the performance of Gas Metal Arc welding (GMAW) is the feedability of the filler wire. Variations in the wire feed speed (WFS) are caused by adverse conditions during welding. These include damaging effects such as "stick-slip" motion of the welding wire, premature wear of the contact tube and, in general, the conduit cable usage during welding. Experiments were conducted to study these issues. The welding parameters such as arc current and voltage were captured by using data logger and the stick-slip effect was analyzed. It was observed that arc waveforms were found to have significant influence because of the stick-slip effect. The corresponding fusion characteristics of the weldments were studied. The voltage change was suggested to specific conduit cable configuration.

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N. Rajasekaran, Ashidh, K., A Kumari, S., and A. Sumesh, “Influence of Stick-Slip Effect on Gas Metal Arc Welding”, Applied Mechanics and Materials , vol. 813, pp. 438-445, 2015.