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Ain Shams Engineering Journal, Volume 6, Number 2, p.671-681 (2015)



The present paper deals with the influence of thermophoretic particle deposition on the MHD mixed convective heat and mass transfer flow in a vertical channel in the presence of radiative heat flux with thermal-diffusion and diffusion-thermo effects. The resulting nonlinear coupled equations are solved under appropriate boundary conditions using the homotopy analysis method. The influence of involved parameters on heat and mass transfer characteristics of the fluid flow is presented graphically. It is noted that fluid velocity is an increasing function of radiation parameter, Dufour number, Buoyancy ratio parameter and mixed convection parameter whereas the magnetic parameter, thermophoresis constant, Soret number and Schimidt number lead to suppress the velocity. The fluid temperature increases with increasing radiation parameter and Dufour number. The convergence of homotopy analysis method (HAM) solutions is discussed and a good agreement is found between the analytical and the numerical solution. © 2014 Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.


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L. D. Immaculate, Muthuraj, R., Selvi, R. K., Srinivas, S., and A.K. Shukla, “The influence of thermophoretic particle deposition on fully developed MHD mixed convective flow in a vertical channel with thermal-diffusion and diffusion-thermo effects”, Ain Shams Engineering Journal, vol. 6, pp. 671-681, 2015.