Publication Type:

Journal Article


Procedia Computer Science, Volume 50, p.585 - 589 (2015)



Augmented Reality; Cloud; Cloud plugin; Augmented Reality browser


Till date we have seen many applications that have used the technology of Cloud but integrating Augmented Reality and Cloud is pretty new to everybody. This paper will help you understand how we can efficiently use the technology of Cloud in developing Location Based Augmented Reality application. A Location Based Augmented Reality application is an online mobile computing application that provides digital information to the user based on the user's geographical location. Here we make use of the Cloud in order to store and access the Location Based Augmented Reality application. This application is both compatible with iOS and android.

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M. V. sundaram, Dr. Shriram K Vasudevan, Ritesh, A., and Santhosh, C., “An Innovative App with for Location Finding with Augmented Reality Using CLOUD”, Procedia Computer Science, vol. 50, pp. 585 - 589, 2015.