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Journal Article


International journal of soft computing and engineering(IJCE), Volume X, Issue X (2013)



The novelty of this paper is aimed at simplifying the tasks in Spreadsheet using a feature called what if analysis, which fires up the performance of the task we are working on. The use of spreadsheet helped us save time, perform many operations such as sorting, searching, classifying and comparing easily and to solve a problem without any programming knowledge. What if or sensitivity analysis is one of the most powerful and valuable concepts in Spreadsheet, the potential of which is not well exploited. The advantage of what if analysis is that if we show one computation in excel, the remaining part of the process will be computed by its own for a given range of variable values. It can be used to solve many problems other than the conventional managerial applications. Two Dimensional function evaluation and graphing, creating Pascal triangles, enumerating Pythagorean triplets in a given range, error function evaluation are some of the real applications. These types of applications can be exploited to enhance computational thinking of children in high schools. Computational thinking brings about a neoteric
approach in problem-solving and model simulation.

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A. P. L, Soman, K. P., L, T., Pillai, G. S., and Joy, G., “Innovative use of What if analysis for visualization”, International journal of soft computing and engineering(IJCE), vol. X, no. X, 2013.