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Journal Article


Journal of natural products, ACS Publications, Volume 56, Number 5, p.671–675 (1993)



Thirty chromone derivatives, both synthetic and natural, were assayed for feeding deterrent activity against Spodoptera litura larvae to establish structure-activity relationships. Among the compounds tested, furochromones with alkoxy substituents at C-4 or C-9 exhibited maximum feeding deterrent activity. Loss of activity was noticed with the degradation or saturation of either of the heterocyclic rings. Substitution of C-7 methyl of the gamma-pyrone ring and dealkylation of C-4 or C-9 methoxyl also caused considerable reduction in feeding deterrent activity.

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D. Lakshmicha Luthria, Ramakrishnan, V., and Banerji, A., “Insect antifeedant activity of furochromones: Structure-activity relationships”, Journal of natural products, vol. 56, pp. 671–675, 1993.