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Journal Article


International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems, Volume 13, Number 3 (2013)



Algorithms, Computer simulation, EBM, EFICA, FICA, Harmonic analysis, Independent component analysis, JADE, Kalman filters, Power analyser, Silicate minerals, State estimation


Wide use of non-linear loads results in harmonic propagation throughout the entire power system. The harmonics generated in the power system by the harmonic injection buses need to be properly measured and quantified using minimal information about the power system network. Independent Component Analysis (ICA) provides several algorithms for harmonic state estimation, some of which are more accurate at specific harmonic frequencies. In this paper, the best ICA algorithm for steady state performance (i.e. the algorithm with the least error) is chosen and the resulting mixing matrix is processed by a Kalman Filter which functions as an optimal estimator. The harmonic state estimation is implemented on a simulated four bus system and a laboratory four bus model is also wired and the results of the work are presented. © 2012 De Gruyter. All rights reserved.


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P. Supriya and Nambiar, P., “Integrated Kalman-independent component analysis method for harmonic current estimation on an interconnected four bus simulated and laboratory model”, International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems, vol. 13, 2013.