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Proceedings - 1st International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications, SENSORDEVICES 2010, Venice, p.167-171 (2010)





Disasters, Early Warning System, Electric network synthesis, Existing systems, Ground vibration, Heterogeneous wireless network, Human lives, Landslide detection, Landslides, Natural disasters, Network capture, New design, Reliable data delivery, Sensors, Signal detection, Signal processing, Signal processing algorithms, Slope instability, Vibration analysis, Wireless Geophone, Wireless sensor, Wireless sensor networks


Recent years has show an increase in the occurrence of natural disasters, threatening human life and property. Early warning systems could help in reducing the impact of such disasters. We have designed and deployed a real-time wireless sensor network for landslide detection, in one of the landslide prone areas in India. The current wireless sensor network for landslide detection system is real-time, 24/7 operational and uses heterogeneous wireless networks for reliable data delivery. This research work proposes to incorporate wireless geophones to detect and analyze ground vibrations that may arise before, during and after the landslide. A nested wireless geophone methodology is designed to collect and analyze the relevant signals. The proposed system incorporates a novel signal processing algorithm, to detect landslides. Pilot deployment has been performed with one axis geophone, and the new design of nested 3C geophone will be implemented and validated in our existing system. The newly developed Wireless Geophone Network captures the slope instability vibrations. This data is analyzed and used for disseminating landslide warnings. © 2010 IEEE.


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K. A. T. and Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh, “Integrating Geophone Network to Real-Time Wireless Sensor Network System for Landslide Detection”, in Proceedings - 1st International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications, SENSORDEVICES 2010, Venice, 2010, pp. 167-171.

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