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Journal Article


Amrita Journal of Medicine, Volume 16, p.6 (2020)



Integrated medicine, prostate cancer, robotic surgery, Yoga


Introduction: Integration of yoga in health-care management has beneficial effects in the management of many health-related issues with improved outcomes with no added cost. We conducted a pilot study to study the feasibility of yoga in the integrated management of patients with localized prostate cancer undergoing robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy. Methods: This prospective pilot study included twenty patients who underwent robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy between June 2019 and November 2019. The overall effects of yoga on health-related quality of life, recovery of urinary continence, and erectile function were the primary endpoints of our study. Results: Patients in the yoga group had significantly better continence rates at 1 month (90% vs. 50%) with better functional outcomes as compared to the control group at 1-month follow-up. The difference in sexual recovery was not significant in each group at 1-month follow-up.Conclusion: Yoga can be safely integrated in the postoperative management of patients undergoing radical prostatectomy with no short-term adverse side effects on overall outcomes.

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D. Nair, Laddha, A., Thomas, A., Greeshma C. Ravindran, and Pooleri, G., “Integration of yoga in the management of patients undergoing surgery for prostate cancer: A pilot study”, Amrita Journal of Medicine, vol. 16, p. 6, 2020.